Chronicle herald horoscopes february 3

Work picks up dramatically and most of you gain name and fame in your chosen field. But a nagging health problem may compel you to go slow where activities are concerned. Delegate responsibility and make time to visit a doctor this evening, and get the appropriate treatment to enable you to regain your fitness.


Business partnership flourish and expansion plans are optimistic. Sanction for a loan will be granted and a business meeting this afternoon goes off well. Indulge in a hobby, some relaxing pursuits this evening to help you unwind and enjoy the company of loved ones. Too much pressure at work may keep you excited and you come up with great innovative ideas that will be approved.

Money owed to you is delayed again and you get impatient as you may need the funds for a personal expense.

Those in artistic or creative fields are in the limelight and get many a prestigious project. Make sure they pay well or you could be taken for a ride. You bump into a long-lost pal and hope to re-kindle the now dead friendship. So step back and encourage a free association for best results.

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Speak up! What works? What doesn't? Murray River motorcycle, appliance thief jailed Published 1 hour ago. Canadian hockey commentator Don Cherry fired over inflammatory remarks toward immigrants Updated 12 hours ago. Husband-wife team launch their respective works in Charlottetown Nov. Leo July Aug. This Full Moon sparks a career shift.

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Focus on current passions. Don't reveal unfinished plans. Virgo Aug. The Full Moon illuminates a shift in your educational direction. Experiment with concepts. Travel expands your view. Learn from a master. Libra Sept. Shift directions with shared finances over the next few weeks. Work out the next phase together. Scorpio Oct.

Compromise and collaborate for shared commitments. Adjust to a change in plans. Sagittarius Nov.