Scorpio descendant astrology

It is a very strong configuration! With Pluto and Moon there, your partnerships probably hold many ups and downs which you live quite intensely. It can also be that you find the intimacy and complexity of the partners you attract somewhat repulsive or annoying, as you are more prone to be stable Taurus ASC , and these partnerships challenge you to transform Pluto.

Descendant in Scorpio – Free Sidereal Astrology

Or you fluctuating between these two types of relationships, as Scorpio is also known as the sign of extremes. Mercury also adds fluidity and ever-changing schemes, some kind of duality. You seek for the advice of others, maybe because Chiron is here as well and it always hurts and heals again, two extremes. Mercury will provide the flexibility to fill the vacuum Moon and Pluto creates, all you have to do is to remember to remain determined.

Add your Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Juno, 2nd house cusp, 5th house cusp, 7th house cusp, and 10th house cusp. I feel like this seems kind of silly, but I do want to answer honestly.

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I watched a lot of movies growing up and I think my view on love came from them in the way that I love the idea of love and being in love and having some fantastic romance, and I find the idea of settling extremely depressing. I remember the first time a guy asked me to be his girlfriend the first thought I had was about all the guys I was going to miss out on, and I felt like such an awful person for thinking that. Log in Sign up. I am so used to your chaos that everything is mundane in return Neptune in the 7th: or Pisces descending: The intimacy where we fall asleep together, dream side by side, and trust each other in our vulnerable and defenceless state of sleeping Pluto in the 7th: or Scorpio descending: You make me want to die.

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But my whole world dies when I think of you not being a part of it C. Can you tell me more about 7th house Scorpio? Ruled by Libra and the planet Venus of relationality, many astrologers turn to the descendant to study compatibility. I find it interesting Libra is the only sign with a symbol of an inanimate object the scales , as if somehow our desire for harmony and balance makes it stand out from the others.

Descendant in Scorpio

Libra speaks to our primal need for a primary relationship. Though Taurus is also ruled by Venus it tends to emphasize the whole of relating and community, whereas Libra focuses on one-to-one partnership.

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Unlike the rising that creates the horizon of our birth and an entry point into ourselves, the descendant shows in the shadows as possible unknown or unconscious parts of ourselves. In my case with a Cancer rising, I have Capricorn on my descendent and most of my best friends and boyfriends have had a sun or moon in Capricorn.


Beyond the sign, the planets in the 7th house also create an idea of the type of relationship we want. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

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