Pisces horoscope 25 february

Remember moderation in social situations.

Meetups with friends are where you let your self-indulgent personality take over the most. When you are balanced, you'll feel better every day. The Sun's energy is collaborating with your integrity and vitality.

Especially those who have birthdays this week. You can be sure that you'll have a happy birthday if you pamper and take care of yourself. Your comment was successfully submitted. Send the comment. WeeklyHoroscope Magic Horoscope.

Pisces Weekly Prediction for 25 February - 3 March

Your comment was successfully submitted Send the comment. Zodiac Signs. Your Scorpio Horoscope for November Your Virgo Horoscope for November Your Capricorn Horoscope for November Your Gemini Horoscope for November Your Aquarius Horoscope for November Your Leo Horoscope for November Your Sagittarius Horoscope for November Your Taurus Horoscope for November Your Aries Horoscope for November Your Cancer Horoscope for November Neptune, being the planet of refinement, is responsible for your sensitive, compassionate and visionary qualities.

More so than any of the Pisces Decans, you are a natural romantic. You often get lost in romantic fantasy, as you are excited by beauty, love and poetic expression.

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You are a truly supportive friend, but may have the tendency to take on the problems of others. While this is one of your most admirable qualities, you must remember to take to time to address your own emotional well-being as well.

In love, find a partner that shares in your positivity, honesty and romantic nature, to avoid being taken advantage of. A Pisces born on February 25 is in tune with the world around him or her.

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  • A person born 25 February has the zodiac sign Pisces.
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  • They may possess an amazing psychic sensitivity that causes them to be drawn to a study of supernatural and occult wisdom. They are most powerful when they put their talents toward a cause greater than themselves. February 25 Birthday Horoscope.