Cancer december 19 horoscope

The moon is in Taurus today, encouraging you to catch up on rest. Powerful emotions come up for you to sit with, Gemini. Your intuition is especially robust at this time. You usually seek out friends who are grounded and chill—someone solid as a rock, who helps you feel anchored when your feelings are all over the place. But today, you get a glimpse of the more emotional and messy sides of these friends. Bad habits are conquered. The moon is in fellow earth sign Taurus today, encouraging you to enjoy yourself.

You have good timing, Libra—part of what makes you so charming is that you know when to be chill and when to ask deep, probing questions. Today is a day for the latter. Today, your partners are as intense as you are—and feeling feisty, too! Language Selection:. Stay Connected! Signs Compatibility Select your Sign to see all compatibility matches. Aquarius Compatibility January 20 - February Pisces Compatibility February 19 - March Aries Compatibility March 21 - April Taurus Compatibility April 20 - May Gemini Compatibility May 21 - June Cancer Compatibility June 21 - July Virgo Compatibility August 23 - September Libra Compatibility September 23 - October Changes are in the air, and they do seem to be quite positive, dear Aries, but you can be experiencing some self-doubt today.

This is a useful process even though it can feel a little deflating initially. Anxiety can creep into many areas of life and subtly undermine general happiness if you let it. There are solutions to problems to be found from circumstances today, so do take your time before coming to any concrete conclusions. Your intuition will be back on track shortly.

Your confidence increases as the day progresses. There can be a travel, overseas, educational, publishing, promotional, or adventurous opportunity. There can be some confusion revolving around boundaries in relationships today, dear Taurus, with the Sun and Chiron in conflict.

This is not an ideal day for bold actions and sweeping decisions. Avoid making sweeping statements, too, or engaging in a heart to heart just for now.

Horoscope for Today: Wednesday, 9 October

Keeping a low profile until you sort things out is probably for the best. You are aware of so many choices and possibilities that making a decision is almost painful. You may be doubting a lover or friend today on some level, but this may only be about insecurities. The urge to do something entirely different and exciting can grab hold.

Something may need to be put to rest or left behind so that you realize a fabulous gain.

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You will be less hesitant and more determined as the day progresses. Important conversations, meetings, or connections are best saved for another day when things are steadier. Take your time while confidence is low and doubts surface. There could also be some serious emotional slush emerging today that can take over your thoughts and influence your choices. Pay close attention to what appears now, as it can point to the very fears, resentments, or anger that you are being called upon to put behind you.

The Moon spends the day in the sign just behind yours. While it will enter your sign as soon as tomorrow, today requires some laying low or extra rest. With the Sun and Chiron in conflict today, dear Cancer, you might feel demotivated and slightly under the weather just for a short spell. As you may be a little unsure of yourself, or you could be perceiving matters from a place of insecurity or fear, it may be better to keep your thoughts to yourself just for the time being. You could be extra sensitive to your surroundings and to what people say and how they say it. While you sense a need for changes and improvements, a solid plan can elude you.

This is a time for sticking with the familiar until you rebuild confidence. Despite all of this, things are certainly looking up. People in your life may be a tad over-zealous in their beliefs and opinions today, and perhaps a small part of you is envious of those who seem braver and more adventurous than yourself. You may be dealing with some ambiguous relations with others, dear Leo, or with cosmic energy that feels a little clogged as the Sun and Chiron form a square today.

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You might question a recent endeavor or plan. Pace yourself today so that stress is minimal. Mixing business and pleasure may not be wise at the moment. Even if doubts are with you, however, allowing yourself to break the routine and to be a little adventurous can help you to overcome some of your fears.

What Your Sign's December Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

If you keep yourself in a rut, self-doubt and hesitance can have you feeling off your game temporarily. Small personal triumphs can be had and enjoyed. Higher education pursuits can thrive now. Even with doubt or frustration, you seem to come out of it all with more courage. Others may seem to doubt you today, and this can be quite unsettling, dear Virgo. Avoid over-explaining yourself, as tempting as it may be to do. Let your good character speak for itself. Tonight and tomorrow, you are likely to come up with some innovative ideas, particularly when it comes to family and home matters.

Intimate matters are likely to be strong, although some discomfort or insecurity may be involved in the process of moving forward. Allow yourself to enjoy others by detaching yourself a little from your fears and insecurities, as good energy is with you for pushing beyond your usual limits and barriers. You may need to deal with some doubt before pressing forward. Do what you can to muster up not only patience but trust that things will right themselves with just a little time.

It can be all too easy to lose focus if others are making demands and you entertain them, and even though you can be feeling put upon or taken advantage of, part of you may be going along just to make everyone happy, which can ultimately frustrate you.

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This is especially the case if you give yourself some time to recharge after a spell of feeling drained and indecisive. Some confusion over boundaries or differences in values can feel glaring now, dear Scorpio, but it can be difficult to know what to do with it all. New insights into your career path, money and resources, or a work project can emerge later today, and these can truly propel you forward.

However, getting there can be a bit of a struggle.

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Sometimes spells of being a little downcast or skeptical can help fill you with more courage, mainly because you quickly tire of feeling vulnerable, and this may very well be the case today. It can be a mildly confusing day for the most, dear Sagittarius, although things seem to straighten out towards the end of the day. You might be especially sensitive about family or personal matters today, or you could find that something triggers your vulnerabilities and sets you a little off track. This, too, will pass quickly. The Sun in your sign is reaching an excellent aspect with innovative Uranus, exact tomorrow, but in effect by later today.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope December 19-25 2016 Astrology & Tarot

Doors may be opening for you concerning travel, romance, and creative pursuits. If you are a little fearful about expressing yourself now, push yourself a little further. Even so, it may be a good idea to keep your eyes to opportunities to get closer to someone, as these are very real right now. Pushing yourself above your insecurities can be worth the effort. A significant change is in the works, and while its benefits are not yet clear, you are likely to receive a boost of confidence nevertheless. While there can be some discomfort or sensitivity to deal with, as the day advances, your courage to improve and put frustrating situations behind you dominates.

The boundaries with friends may be a little blurred today. You might feel like someone is overstepping the bounds and this can cause you to feel self-protective, for example.

There is a general air of confusion today, so keep in mind that the atmosphere is ripe for misunderstandings. Under these conditions, try to avoid making any commitments that you might later regret. Changes in important life departments are imminent, but today you may not feel quite ready for them.

December 19 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality

You may deal with a doubt or fear about precisely what you can handle. This is likely to be a brief feeling, and although it may not seem productive, if you examine why you are feeling this way, you might discover something important about yourself. As the day progresses, your confidence is likely to build.