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On a professional level, many of you will experience a change in your work, and for everyone it will be different. Certainly this change will be accepted with sadness, reluctance or fear, but in fact after a certain period of time you will go into a new period, a more successful one for your for career development. Do not rush with your assessments of people or events when such a transformation starts with you. I'm not tired of repeating that there are no casual things! Marriages concluded this year will continue for a long time, regardless of the problems in which they will have to pass as part of being a married couple.

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The year portends an unpleasant event associated with a woman by your marriage or intimate partner side. During the year, be careful about investing money or spending on things for which someone promises you quick and large profits. Problems and tensions are likely to arise in dealing with inheritance cases involving money, selling property, and more.

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During the year, do not count on cash support from relatives. A love relationship with a partner from another country will go through a trial because of jealousy, a lack of enough trust which, as you know, takes time to build. If you plan to buy a new home, suggests more caution, especially when you buy a building that is under construction not yet completed.

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The domestic problems this year will load you much more, with the inability to be quickly resolved. This year, you will have higher costs related to a child or female relative, but they will have a definite, very important goal. These costs will not be a problem for you, but they will require a better planning of your budget.

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If the important events in are related to women, the big surprises will come through men from your circle of relatives, friends, and others. You will receive an invitation or suggestion from a man who will be a cause for strong positive emotions. Radical Uranus makes a long-term pivot into Taurus and your second house of routines, helping you design a lifestyle that aligns with your individual desires and needs.

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Getting out into nature, especially combined with travel, will revive your soul in This may inform a desire to help others on their journey to love and accept themselves. With four eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn, your relationship with both of your parents, family of origin and children could go through big shifts.

A move or home sale is possible, especially near the July eclipse in Cancer. Never miss a star-powered moment again!

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