Astrological newspapers in sri lanka

The planet Venus concern itself with romance, beauty, luxuries, aesthetic abilities etc. The Venus governs for 20 years while the period belonging to Moon and Saturn is 10 years and 19 years respectively. According to the maha dasha prevailing at the birth other dashas come into effect according to a sequence.

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Nature of all life matters of an individual will be according to the influence of the planet governing the maha dasha. If someone has Venus maha dasha in his early life he will be successful in his studies provided Venus is a favorable planet to him.

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In fact, astrological forecasting is a very complicated process and only basics were mentioned above. We respect your freedom of beliefs. But for us astrology is non-other than psychology. We have come to this conclusion after comparing real life events with astrological predictions relevant to many people. However, the important thing is that these predictions can shape our lives either positively or negatively.

With the idea of justifying above opinion fundamental psychological concepts behind the astrological prediction process are discussed in following paragraphs. Most of the astrological predictions are vague. They do not convey clear interpretations due to the complexity of the predictions process itself. Sometimes, there are many interpretations on the same object. Let us see an example. An astrologer may have predicted that your son would become highly successful in his or her education.

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In case your son could not get through advanced level examination to enter to a university, the same astrologer will present reasons for it by saying that the child is having a bad period due to the malicious effects of such and such planets. Thus, the astrologer can get away with any challenge to his predictions. Eventually, you may pay attention on doing some remedies on such ill-effects while taking astrology for granted. Selective perception is the process by which individuals perceive what they want to while ignoring contradictory information.

Selective perception is a psychological bias as we interpret information in a way that is consistent with our existing beliefs.

Astrology newspapers in sri lanka

You may be reading astrological forecasts appear in weekly newspapers according to your birth sign. Within the list you may find a forecast saying that you are going to meet with a road accident.

Suppose it became true. Then you remind the forecast and come to the conclusion that astrology is true.

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Although there were many other predictions in that list that did not come true you naturally disregard them and cling on to the prediction that came true. Confirmation bias refers to tendency where we pay attention only to the information that confirms our preconceptions. Suppose your astrologer says that you are having a bad period throughout this year according to the planetary position.

Then you will attribute all your troubles and failures to this bad planetary influence. Some of those failures may be due to your own faults and can be easily avoided. As far as you indulged in those beliefs you will not try to rectify your faults. According to self-fulfilling prophecy predictions become true, by the very terms of the prophecy itself, due to positive feedback between belief and behavior of an individual. Some astrologers are used to write down life predictions for individuals based on their horoscopes.

Suppose the respective person reads these predictions during his early childhood. Then there is a higher probability of becoming those predictions true.

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For instance suppose the predictions say a person will engage in medical profession. Then there is a higher probability that he reaches that level. At least he would engage in career related to medical stream. On the contrary, if a child is discouraged by criticizing his weaknesses he will eventually fail to achieve the things even he could have achieved according to his inherent talents. Ultimately, we believe astrology to be true while neglecting the psychology induced behavioral process that led that child to the miserable situation.

Your beliefs matter a lot in shaping your life.

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  • The authenticity of those beliefs is immaterial as far as you believe them to be true. In that sense astrology can be used as a personal development tool. Positive predictions on life during childhood will greatly influence an individual make his life successful. The astrologers can play a big role if they are genuinely dedicated to such an endeavor. Unfortunately, most of them are trying to earn money by some unethical practices.

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    Some astrologers highlight impending ill-effects to their customers and at the same time propose remedial measures to avoid those effects. They charge big money for such remedies and the amount depends on the economic position and social status of the customer. The main reason for the propagation of such activities is that those who are having a worrying life period see the astrologer to be their last resort. Therefore, let us believe in ourselves rather than unknown planets to make our lives better.

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